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Site Selection

Real Estate Site Selection, Project Financing, Expert Witness Testimony

Based in Spartanburg, South Carolina

Carroll Properties Corporation based in Spartanburg, South Carolina, offers international site selection, project financing, and holds an international record for Foriegn Direct Investment.

Site Selection

We start with an initial project assessment for your company. We then offer a menu of services from which you can select. These services include buyer representation, multi-state site search, national site search, and international options.

Our project assessment enables us to find local incentives for expansion into a specific region. We represent you at public hearings and provide you with a business plan about the local area or host country. We also do public speaking and consulting in countries including Dubai.

Project Financing

We conduct corporate and project finance analysis to determine the best method of presenting your project to lenders. Regarding project financing, we combine building, moving expenses, furniture, equipment and landscape into one package. We offer additional services as needed at an hourly rate.


We help you identify and obtain business incentives and grants. This free money helps advance your project. Our goal is to keep your start-up expense low in order to preserve capital and support the profitability of your new venture. We will also negotiate property taxes on your company's behalf.

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Expert Witness Testimony

We provide technical support and consultation to legal and accounting professionals. This includes being an expert witness on real estate related issues, including road changes and contamination issues such as the redevelopment of Brownfield sites that include public private partnership.

New Market Holistic Innovation

We are  innovators, we approach all projects in a broad and holistic manner, since serving as an Industry Expert on the Working Group that created ISO 26,000.  A project specific team is created for each unique project.


Our Related Services Include:

  • Presentation Development/Delivery
  • Strategic Target Marketing
  • Complex Negotiations
  • Leadership Development
  • Electronic and Verbal Communication
  • Global Networking
  • Creative Problem Solving
  • Communication
  • Community Visioning Program
  • Serving the Middle East through MENARES membership
  • Comprehensive Project Development and Management
  • Multi-Jurisdictional Site Selection
  • Corporate/Project Finance
  • Business Incentive Identification
  • Tax Implications of Investment
  • Grant Identification & Procurement
  • Professional Team Assembly
  • Value Maximization
  • Action Plan Strategies