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Foreign Direct Investment

Here at Carroll Properties we have a strong focus on foreign direct investment.  We are devoted towards making sure that fair labor and wage practices are put in place for all employees.  With a focus on Foreign Direct Investment we are always alert to client attitudes toward diverse employees and to fair labor and wage practices. We work closely with state employment agencies that require fair benefit packages for local employees as a mandate for providing business incentives for job creation. Although we work regularly in states that have Right to Work laws in place we focus on providing benefits to companies that offer fairness to employees.

It is our practice to provide a transparent workplace enhanced by international interns who have the right to question our actions and discuss their personal issues. We have experienced international political issues that affect the local workplace and we have provided legal aid to political refugees who were seeking asylum and the right to work and study in the US.

It is our belief that it is important to pass on the knowledge that we have acquired throughout our years of doing business to the younger generation. We have had over a hundred interns throughout the history of the company.

A preview of our informative 45 page presentation on direct foreign investment and Repi LLC made by our president Elizabeth Belenchia.

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“We are a family owned business and this is our first manufacturing facility to be built outside Italy. For us it is a major decision and the support we have received from this community is the reason we want to call Gastonia our US home….”

Elizabeth Belenchia was the international real estate consultant for Repi LLC, and helped them expand their company from Milan, Italy to Gastonia, North Carolina. Their goal was to build a state of the art, energy efficient 30,000 square foot building as a Western Hemisphere Headquarters. Through teamwork and dedication Elizabeth and REPI LLC located the perfect site in Gastonia, North Carolina and were able to make their dream a reality.

Located near Milan Italy, and established in 1973, Repi LLC specializes in custom-made liquid colorants that are utilized in thousands of different manufacturing applications.  They team with the best companies in the industry and take pride in their technical services. The relationships and loyalty built in the US market over the past 20 years and more specifically in the past 7 years has created the justification for this global expansion.

The construction of a state of the art, energy efficient 44,000 square foot building is now complete, and will serve as the Western Hemisphere Headquarters and will be expanding into an even larger facility in the near future. They will conduct research and development, customized production, marketing, and administration from this facility. Their sales representatives will travel to customers from Canada to Argentina. They will host customers at their new facility and believe they will enjoy this community. Their company has a distinct history of providing service before and after the sale.

Repi LLC partner closely with their customers and continuously monitor their needs. They have a unique ability to listen to the needs of their customers and to carefully measure and dispense liquid colorants to blend with the customer’s products. The liquid color business they serve is very competitive so they must always continue learning and researching to maintain their position of strength. They market their brand through special trade shows.


Glass Building

The company focus is on quality. Their associates have been recognized as meeting the International Standards Organization 9001 Certification since 1998. They expect excellence from their team and offer opportunities for personal growth in the company.