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Elizabeth Belenchia

Elizabeth Belenchia- Linkedin

Elizabeth Belenchia: Founder and President,

Elizabeth Belenchia (CEO) is compelled by an International Vision of a Socially Responsible World.  A keen eye for risk and a talent for assessing and utilizing human resources, she naturally assumes responsibilities, mixing softness with a tenacity that drives for the results that are being targeted.

Madison Jones

Madison Jones - Linkedin

Madison Jones: Site Specialist

Madison brings fresh insight into the firm with a lifetime of experience in timberland management. Recently he leads CPC’s renewable energy consulting team, is active
in environmental studies and experienced in industrial to commercial scale lease and purchase. He is a project-oriented specialist focused on hearing the needs of each client, while presenting opportunities for future business growth.


Will Grieves - Linkedin

Will Grieves: Research Analyst

Focused on finding properties well-suited for the need of the client and accommodating to every specification requested. Each client is unique and requires customized research and demographic analytics to efficiently provide an adequate space. Let Will take your business to the next level by finding and providing your company with the most adequate space available.

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