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Congratulations to Our President in the 2015 CRE Women of Influnence!

When should you seek services from Carroll Properties Corporation based in Spartanburg, South Carolina? When you are ready to enter a new market and need a full service boutique firm that minimizes the unknowns in expansion.

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Our Property Services

Our Property Services

  • Business Site Selection (Multi-State)
  • Corporate Project Finance
  • Grants and Incentives
  • Acquisition and Dispososition of RE
  • Project Management

Site Selection and Incentives

Site Selection and Incentives

In 1992 the largest Economic Development in the world was the BMW Announcement in Spartanburg, South Carolina. Today all the X model cars in the world are made here with 70% exported each morning throught the Port of Charleston. BMW now pipes methane 8 miles from the landfill and hosts a Solar Farm on Site.

A new Inland Port is being establlished to support the International Upstate of SC!

Meet Our President

Meet Our President:

Elizabeth Belenchia is compelled by an International Vision of a Socially Responsible World. A keen eye for risk and a talent for assessing and utilizing human resources, she naturally assumes responsibilities, mixing softness with a tenacity that drives for the results that are being targeted.

Project Case Study

Project Case Study


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